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Babies as Leverage?

By: Jamie - 17

I am basically your typical good student; I do my homework, pay attention in class and Iím almost ashamed to say, Iíve never had a detention. Iím not saying that Iím a saint, Iíve gotten sent out of the room for talking and Iíve back-talked to my teachers but Iíve never been in serious trouble at my school, until last year when I was almost suspended. Everyone in schools these days deals with bullying, itís a fact of life that todayís students have to deal with. But my situation was a bit unique, because the person who was bullying me, was pregnant.

It started because of a disagreement between another person and myself. This girl unfortunately was a friend of a girl who is known around our school as a bully. This bully, being 6 months pregnant, decided to make the fight between my friend and I part of her business and began coming up to my friends and I, cursing at us and even threatening us. Iím not saying that I was an angel (because Iím not) and didnít say anything back to her, but I didnít say anything, I think, to deserve what was being said to me. This continued for a few days when the bully approached me for the last time. She had already sent my friend to the office for threatening her and I was supposedly next on the list. She approached me with her little gaggle of friends and proceeded to call me a lot of unpleasant things which I simply smile at. Unfortunately, our little ďtalkĒ was brought to the attention of the principal and we were called into his office where we got ďthe talkĒ. Of course, being the ďvictimĒ, I thought the principal would scold the bully, force us to shake hands and send us on our way. To my surprise, the bully starts pouring our her ďpoor pregnant meĒ story, turning the tables on my friend and I, saying we were causing her stress. Guess what? The principal bought it. He threatened to suspend us, telling us if we ever said another word to each other, all three of us would be suspended. Because this girl was pregnant, the principal was lenient on her and hard on us, even after she threatened us. This bully used her unborn child as leverage and won, leaving the office with a smirk on her face. As for me, I left the office in tears and a newfound distrust for my school principal. At least I learnt a better lesson than she did.

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