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A Band Geek's View of How Work to Rule Has Affected The Music Program

By: Adam - 17

As the title implies, I am an average or some would say above average band geek. I am involved in the Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band and Menís Chorus at Lester B. Pearson Senior High. I have always been extremely involved in the world of music, and school is the number one place to indulge in this hobby of mine. Every year I look forward to many events planned in the fine arts department, and since I am in my grade 12 year I look forward to them that much more, for it is the last time I get to do this kind of thing will all of my friends.

As this year began I couldnít wait for the trips we always go on, as we normally go on 2. We went on our first trip to Canmore and as usual it was a blast. So we looked forward to the next trip which was to be our ďbig tripĒ being four days long. The teachersí strike came up, which shocked my friends and I, yet we looked at it optimistically saying we will have our trip. Then the strike was over which excited us, but then came work to ruleÖ.

Still, donít get me wrong, I totally agree with what the teachers want, and I myself am planning to become one. However, when we got our final trip cancelled it was a crushing moment, the moment we look forward to every year has been taken away from us on the last year any of us have. Many other things changed in the wake of the work to rule, our year end concert was changed to during school, which were at least happy we get to perform the concert that we have practiced so hard. As well one major event for those of us involved in the jazz programs is our evening of Dinner & Jazz, which, as well, was taken away. We all felt devastated by the occurrences that had transpire, but thankfully the (Fine and Performing Art) parents stepped in and have taken the initiative to give us the opportunity to perform. The only bad thing is that our teachers canít be involved in it, but we still get to perform.

So all in all, the Fine Arts have been hit hard with this work to rule our teachers are going through, but I must say that no one should blame the teachers for what is going on. They are fighting for what they believe in, and as some of my teachers have said, this is also hurting them a great deal. Even the teachers look forward to the trips, as it is a time to get the students out of a school environment and have some fun. On these excursions from school the teachers arenít really seen as teachers, to my friends and I at least, but as other people who enjoy having fun. We may have taken a blow with what is happening with the teachers, but we canít change it. We can cope though. I would urge any other people who are affected by this in the fine arts to talk to parents involved, for the parents can get the fine arts up and running. You donít need teachers to have a good time. What matters is that you have fun, and I think as long as you have fun the teachers will be glad to have contribute to it, whether it be by teaching you to play an instrument, sing or dance.

Oh yeah and BAND GEEKS RULE!!!!!!

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