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Leaving your Education Behind

By: Safina

Throughout the world there is a large increase of students ranging from the age of 13 to 19 who are dropping out of school. This decision is commonly known to affect these students as they become older. It is understandable that the cause of this outcome is not entirely their fault because there are things going on that involve family issues, personal problems and also not having enough confidence in themselves to go on further.

If you’re on the verge of dropping our or already have, you shouldn’t give up or feel like there is no place to go. There are always people out there that can help you resolve your problems. People such as School Counselors, teachers, club leaders and even at time talking to your parents can help.

I have a friend who has dropped out of school and looking back to that point in her life, she now regrets that decision. If you stay in school and face your fears and challenges you will succeed. Friends will come and go but your education will stay with you forever during the good and bad times.

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