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Interested in Business?

By: Amy - 16

I was recently involved in a business program called Junior Achievement. It was an amazing educational experience. The idea behind this program is to let a group of teens run their own company. The program is designed to simulate the real world of business and let high school students have a taste of what it is really like to be a part of a company. You meet once a week with a group of 15-20 people your age and a few advisors who are there for help. As a team you decide on a product that your group can make, and that you think will sell and make a profit. Our group chose scented gel candles, which were a lot more successful than I thought! Some other ideas were homemade soap, chocolate covered spoons, scarves, and necklaces. Each member of the team has to purchase a share in the company, and whatever profits the company makes, is split up between the group. Each week our company mass produced about 30 candles and signed them out to the people on the team to take them home and sell to friends and family.

Junior Achievements was realistic in every aspect, from the weekly audits on our money records done by a professional from a bank, to the stickers with our companyís name printed on them that were stuck on our candles. It was really fun to get together with your team every week because everyone wanted our company to succeed and make a profit. Junior Achievement isnít to be looked at as an after school job, because the amount of money our company made wasnít much, but the experience was worth it. It is worth high school credits too! I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who has ever been curios about the world of business and management.

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