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The Realm of Mediocrity

By: KJ Ross

All too often we fall into the realm of not knowing what we want and slop into mediocrity. It is present all around us, the desire to not stand out, to not be too successful. It is because we don’t want to make anyone else look bad? Or is it that we as a culture are too busy? What types of lifestyle choices are leading us to this realm of mediocrity, where everything is OK, but nothing is excellent. Simplicity, and “slowing down” is becoming a cliché, and a “cool” thing to identify yourself with, but I wonder how many people live out the lifestyle they speak of?

Mediocrity, what is it? It is not getting that 75% when you studied for 5 hours, because that is excellent. It’s not failing when you tried really hard, because it can be worthwhile, an excellent learning opportunity. What I see is a world where many people, myself included, commit to doing numerous thins, are passionate about all of them, and yet put little energy and little effort into any of them. What I see is a world where too few people know what they are passionate about, and ? care very little about anything at all. This sense of confusion, this reality of over commitment, for me stems from needing to feel a purpose, when most don’t understand what their purpose is.

So cry me a river you say?

The ramifications of mediocrity, in work, school, friendship, love, volunteering, the list goes on and on and on, are tremendous. What it means is that I have capabilities that I never see, because I always have one foot out the door rushing to the next commitment, which is valuable and important, but nor really where my mind is supposed to be. It means that I don’t take time to deal with the hard relationship and family stuff, because I don’t have time. I sometimes wonder, how much of my so-called involved life is me running away from myself? And if that is what is fostering mediocrity in my own life, I wonder, is it the very same thing that fosters it in the lives of others?

Participating in one’s community is an excellent thing, it is for many people I know at the root of their value system. However, I know that every time I participate in my community I need to represent who and what I am, that I need to be rooted in what I think, and what side of the fence I sit on. Only then can I break the chains that bind me into activity consumption, only then can I, and will I, know that I am doing something valuable, and that maybe what I see as mediocrity . is the best that I can be.

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