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Teen Pregnancy, why it's on the rise.

By: Jaime - 17

Today, when you walk around a high school, unfortunately, you are most likely to see at least one teenager that is either pregnant or already has a child. Teen pregnancy is on the rise and experts give various reasons why: the way sex is displayed on TV and in books, lack of information, or fear of ridicule for buying protection. The sad fact is that most people simply believe that it will never happen to them, until, however, it does. The even sadder part is that when a girl finds out that she is pregnant, the first thing that she thinks about is ‘How am I going to tell my parents?’ If only these girls had thought about that before they had sex, protected or not. If you are pregnant, you should tell you parents right away so that they can get you the proper help, so you and your baby have the best chance at being healthy. This is the time when you need to surround yourself with people who love you and want to help you.

In this day and age, there are no reasons why teenagers should be becoming pregnant with the amount of protection available. Most teenagers just don’t bother to either seek it out or use it, which is not only inexcusable, but sad. Teenagers have to realize that sex is a serious thing that has serious consequences, one of which is a baby to care for. Speak to any teenage parent and they will tell you right away how hard their life is and how they would have changed it if they could. Most of them would have preferred to go to college or go out with their friends on a Friday night, and not have to worry about a baby.

Teenagers today think of sex as a casual thing; something you do in a relationship, but it is not that simple. I am not saying to not have sex; I am simply saying that if you are going to have sex, be smart about it and make sure that you are prepared for the possibility that you or your partner may become pregnant. It is usually the people who think that they will not be come pregnant that do, because they do not take the necessary precautions against it, and yet, they are surprised when it happens. It is not the lack of information that is causing the rise in teen pregnancy, it’s lack of caring.

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