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The Realm of Mediocrity

By: KJ Ross

Its not very often that we realize in our day to day struggles how prevalent racism is and can be. Perhaps not in the form of in-your-face comments, but present in the media and in the way in which we act around one another. Racism is still a large part of our culture and of our world, assumptions are still made and conflicts between cultural groups still exist, even in Calgary.

With the purpose of continuing to try and break down racial barriers, an event called Rock Against Racism (RAR) was held at the University on Saturday march 16th 2002, an event which I was honoured to be able to attend and volunteer at. This event included numerous aspects, handing out with friends and acquaintances, exploring the displays, and of course the music. For anyone wanting to find our information on the elimination of racism, or different cultural groups in the city, Rock Against Racism is the place to be. What can I say other than if you weren’t there keep your eyes open for RAR 2003.

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