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Work To Rule

By: Safina - 17

To me, the term “work to rule” basically means that the teachers have a contract that clearly states what they are entitled to do. They don’t have to participate in extra curricular activities, and they have the choice if they want to come earlier or stay late after school to help students with their homework and / or assignments. It’s important to keep in mind that the most important issue to grade 12 students is their High School graduation, because they have worked so hard and have come so far in their education to achieve this.

I would imagine that the decision to “work to rule” has affected not only myself but many other grade 12 students. It has been tough because we are all unsure of the outcome that is heading our way, and it’s impossible to understand all the teachers’ requests and demands. There is also an enormous amount of pressure and stress on us because towards the end of the school year we are going to be writing our Diploma Exams.

Teachers don’t have to grade the exams like they usually would have done in the past years. So no University students who are told to be lenient with the exams will be grading them but this entire situation feels very uncertain at this time. I believe that we students are familiar with having teachers mark our exams, and so it would just be a whole lot less complicated if the teachers would resolve their issues and guide us in our learning and education.

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